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Ok I first want to say, This is a good app! But there are a few things I would change, like how you can’t see the pictures with out sighing in or getting the 7 days free. I understand the videos but the pictures should be free in my opinion. But I recommend it to anyone really, 4/5

Good app

I love this app worth the download

Not what I expected

Honestly I thought this app would be an awesome one because they have these cool advertisements and when you finally get the app, you to freaking pay just to see one tiny image, and to continue the story, then again, you have to pay, the app will way more awesome if didn’t have to pay for it. Honestly, how stupid.

Coolest app ever????

I ♥️ it it has good graphics and stories

Good stuff

It’s a good app I just can’t sign in and I don’t like that so change that


This is like the best app I’ve ever owned. I mean like it’s so much fun to see what people go through and then it’s kind of crazy other texting and dangerous situations.



Terrible experience

Bad experience with this app. It had a very confusing interface and seems like a ripoff of hooked. Not sure where they were going with this. Terrible experience. Not recommended. No idea what was going on. Waste of time. Could not follow instructions. ;(


I think it’s cool


Best app ever ???????

Yarn app review

This app is so fun and addicted I’m on it 24/7

Yarn is the best

I love the rush it gives you when the mystery books are on hold and I love the horror story’s about vampires and ware wolves

Best app ever

I love this app because it shows you awesome story’s and you get to have fun while you’re reading

Bad Stories, Long Waits, Have To Pay For Part Of The Stories

So the stories are in text format. They have pictures and videos in each story. To access these you must pay. They are incredibly important. You miss out on a lot. It would be nice if like some other apps if you could watch ad videos or have ad banners so you can access the pictures or videos. Also you have to wait 25 minutes for the next section. Sometimes you have like 10 small texts to read and then it tells you you have to wait 25 minutes to get more. It’s very frequent that it’ll do that. The stores are quite short and not that great so that’s a long time to wait to read them. Also not sure about others but I didn’t get to choose my story and if I didn’t like it I had to click through as if I was reading it and wait the 25 minutes each time to be able to get to the next story. Overall would not recommend and I intend on deleting it.


Wow, yarn is a very good app. So much fun to read and see what will happen next. The only thing I have to complain about with yarn is that you need to pay to see pics and videos which I really don’t like as I think it would be a better read if you could find the end. But honestly that’s all wrong with this app. The rest is great and I really enjoy the stories. They are actually rather scary ( some of them ) and that’s what I love as you get some emotion in there from the society today as we text a lot.


I used to be scared now I love this app and so do my siblings

S xbxn xkxn



Sexy ? scary ? trilling ?


I like the drama it is very cool and unique the vip costs a bit of money and I don’t like and you can’t look at the photos videos or anything else just the text yeah???

Love!!!! Only thing is that u have to purchase everything

Its good but bad at the same time but I still like it i really want to read the rest and another story ?

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