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This app is the best

Download this app becuz you can get the thrill you are looking for very good app


Exciting on edge


Love this game

Great yarn

Great app

It is awesome

Yarn is awesome

App Rating

Love this app!!!! Very fun, and entertaining!! DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW!

Everything costs money

The stories are interesting, but you don’t get to choose the stories. You don’t really get the full affect because the videos and pictures cost money.?

Please Help

So I bought the 7 days free trial so I can see the pictures and I won’t have to wait for the next episode and it did last but then I got tired of the app so I deleted it but its still charging me for my purchase and yet I don’t have the app anymore. Can someone please help


These are so cool I’m in the middle of creepy campsit ????????????????????????

Yarn is awesome

In first story already enjoying it


Yarn is a wonderful app . It’s a great app for sleep overs and just hanging out with your friends


I love this app who ever made it you should be happy

Was charged after subscription was cancelled...for over a year!!

Every week I was seeing a charge from iTunes for $3.17 and couldn’t figure out what it was. I called iTunes and was informed it was the app Yarn that was charging me $3.17 PER WEEK. iTunes was very helpful in telling me how to shut the subscription down but I was still getting charged. I was looking in my app downloads and purchases and it wasn’t showing Yarn anywhere...so where the hell was this charge continually coming from??? Called iTunes again...and again...and again with them telling me exactly what I was telling them “the app is no longer there, you’re not purchasing anything”...so what this is, even iTunes couldn’t tell me. After some VERY DEEP DIGGING we found it...connected to a very old iTunes account for my daughter, who hasn’t had an iPhone in a year!!! Do we want our money back? Yes!! Do we know that’s a fight we won’t win? Yes!! I just want to help those of you who are thinking of getting this app, make sure you realize what you’re getting involved with.

Great app

Really easy to use

5 star!

So fun!



Jake Paul Logan Paul

These my. Family

Terrible! Help!

Help me! I set up a weekly subscription and I cant turn it off! My mom pays so much money and I feel terrible! Help!!!


I just wish we didnt have to wait before finishing a story

I HATE IT!!!!?!

So I saw one of my fav YouTuber’s playing this game and when I go to play it.....I GOTTA PAY TO SEE A FRICKING PICTURE.... like boy please ?

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